Dancing in Miami – where to go?

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Is there a better place under the sun to strut your stuff than any of the Miami nightclubs? As it is the planet’s party hotbed, the neon light show makes you feel as if you were on a stage yourself. If you are keen on letting your hair down, no doubt Miami nightlife will suit you. In case you are a party animal, this is the right place for you to satisfy your insatiable dancing hunger. One thing is for sure – you will have the time of your life. That’s why you should have a night on the town to fully grasp how enticing it really is. Also, dancing all night long is a great stress-reliever, especially after getting stressed due to a hectic business schedule. With this in mind, here’s a list of some of the Miami most amazing dancing places where you can loosen up.


Dancing in Miami – where to go? This is a million dollar question.
Dancing in Miami – where to go? How about any of its first-class nightclubs?


Space is a flashy dancing club

Space is the place drawing myriads of young people eager to have a whale of a time, which is the point of moving to Florida. It’s where you can dance up to your heart’s content

The insanely popular DJs play awesome techno and house music the Millenials find unparalleled. Relating to alternative music, which is, in a nutshell, the subculture trademark, is important to teenagers trying to establish their own identity.

Another reason why Space is so popular is the rooftop views providing you with an opportunity to enjoy the tangerine Miami sunrise. Hence take advantage of one of the few free things to do in Miami.

Furthermore, Space is the best bet for the open-minded, prejudice-free people willing to embrace forward-thinking. Keep in mind Sting’s words: Be yourself no matter what they say.


Dancing in Miami – where to go? Ball&Chain is Latin music haven

 Ball &Chain nightclub seems to be appealing a plethora of Latin music fans owing to its specific disco charm. The seductive rhythm of salsa is why people keep coming here. Emotionally-charged and passionate, the Latin tunes reduce the skyrocketing stress level in no time. Besides, dancing salsa means being free to express who you really are.

Apart from salsa, Ball&Chain offers calm, jazz-filled nights. The cornerstone of jazz is improvising. Why don’t you give it a try? Move to Miami and learn how to let go of control.

This place offers a wide array of Cuban dishes you can savor while drinking the refreshing Mojito cocktail. For instance, indulge yourself in yummy Cuban food. To begin with,


  • chicharrones
  • uban spring roll
  • quesadilla
  • los sliders
  • calle ocho burger


Ball&Chain club is the answer to the question: Dancing in Miami – where to go?
Dancing in Miami – where to go? To Ball&Chain, of course.


Dancing in Miami – where to go? Visiting Rockwell is playing to the gallery

Rockwell is, by all means, a show off club where being attractive and deep-pocketed is seriously overestimated. So is being dressed up to the nines. Additionally, the heated atmosphere riddled with showers of youth energy and the sense of exclusivity is the club’s reputation keystone for a reason. In brief, go to Rockwell to see and be seen.

A further advantage of visiting Rockwell is enjoying rap and hip-hop music. The most popular DJs play both old and contemporary hip-hop songs. On hip-hop themed nights, however, only a handful of people can enter their way in due to a quite limited capacity. Still, given you have opted for moving to Florida, it is silly to miss it out.

Dancing in Miami – where to go? See and be seen in Rockwell.
Dancing in Miami – where to go? If you want to push yourself forward, go to Rockwell.


LIV Miami is for those who are used to the ostentatious lifestyle

Situated in one of the most pretentious Miami neighborhoods, the gem among Miami dancing places, LIV, is ridiculously expensive. The bottle of wine costs an arm and a leg. Rumor has it a glass of tap water costs just as much. You know for a fact LIV’s grandness matches its extravagance since no expense is spared in its design.

LIV is where celebrities hang out on a regular basis thus contributing to its promotion. Hosting important people seems to be its brand strategy.

If you want to enter LIV, you’d better look ravishing. Cutting a fine figure will inevitably lead to the dancing floor very core. What’s more, if you’re looking like a million dollars, chances are you will catch someone’s eye. Given the LIV reputation, he or she must be rolling in it.


Purdy Lounge is for those who prefer to keep to themselves

Dancing in Miami – where to go? Purdy Lounge dancing club is unlike any other. Its cozy atmosphere and intimate dim lights make it a rather comfortable spot during the week to take five. However, it turns into a disco arena over weekends. Its separate rooms ensure privacy for couples and those who dislike being in the spotlight.

The icing on the cake is the karaoke contest comprising the most diverse tunes and lyrics. This might be surprising for those not accustomed to Miami nightlife.

Dancing in Miami – where to go? Purdy Lounge is the best bet for introverts and people cherishing their privacy.

Its off-the-beaten-track-location is perfect for those fed up with crowded places. As it is affordable in terms of prices, Purdy Lounge is becoming a new mainstream club.


Dancing in Miami – where to go? If you happen to be more of a private person, opt for Purdy Lounge.
Dancing in Miami – where to go? Purdy Lounge is the best bet for introverts and people cherishing their privacy.


Have you ever wondered where to dance in Miami? You have, right? Lay your cards on the table and admit how many hours you have spent in front of a mirror impersonating Shakira. You have admired her fascinating belly dance for years. Well, if that’s the case, you should take the potluck and move to Miami on the grounds of its never-ceasing party pulse. Night owls can dance all night long not sleeping a wink whatsoever. No matter how complicated and demanding to move to Miami seemingly is, it is worth it owing to dancing areas that are the most suitable outlets for your energy.

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