Tips and tricks to speed up unpacking

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First of all, take a deep breath. You have successfully finished relocating and said goodbye to your Coral Springs movers, so congratulate yourself on that! It is time to enjoy your new home and all of its perks. However, before you start celebrating, you have to clear out all of the boxes. You are probably wondering why you brought so many things with you. It can be overwhelming to walk into a room and see nothing but boxes full of various items. Luckily, there are simple ways in which you can speed up the unpacking process while also keeping stress at bay. Read on to learn how to unpack as quickly as possible!

Think about what you pack before moving

In order to save time while unpacking, it makes sense to pack as few items as possible. Before you start packing, think about what you want to take to your new home. Think of it this way – if you can’t remember the last time you used it, you probably won’t miss it. Go through each room and set aside the things you want to get rid of. Create one pile for the items you want to throw away, another for things to donate, and the third one for recycling. Another benefit of decluttering your home before your pack is that you won’t clutter your new home with unnecessary items.

Throw away some things in order to speed up unpacking.
Remember to recycle items made of paper, metal, and glass.

Packing for a move can be hectic, and you will more than likely need some help. Ask your friends and family to help you pack, and you can give them something you don’t need anymore. On the other hand, if you want to pack in the best and most organized way possible, you should hire professionals that offer packing services Miami. Aside from packing efficiently, they will also provide the supplies, so you won’t have to spend extra money.

Clean your home to speed up unpacking

You are probably planning to clean your new home when you finish unpacking. Since there will be a lot of dust and dirt, this is a great idea. However, to speed up the unpacking process, you should clean your home before you open any boxes. Any new home is bound to have some dirt in it. If you unpack your items in a dirty environment, they will get dirty even before you are moved in. Instead, do a general cleanup as soon as you arrive. Use a mop to clean all the floors and a wet rag to wipe down any surfaces. Finally, if you have time before the movers arrive, use it to clean up. It will be much easier to clean if there aren’t any boxes around your home.

A plan will help you stay on task

To make the packing process more easy on you, you should create a packing plan. The same goes for unpacking – the better you organize your time, the less it will take. Start by placing the boxes in the rooms they go in. If you’ve labeled your moving boxes properly, this shouldn’t be a problem. Next, divide tasks among your family members. The more people are working, the faster you will finish.

A woman writing in a notebook.
Write down your goal for each day of unpacking.

If you’ve made a packing and moving checklist for your move, you can use it to speed up unpacking. When you open each box, cross off the items from the packing list. That way, you will always know exactly what you’ve unpacked and how much you still have to. Also, if any items were lost during the move, you will quickly know what they are. Make sure to tell your movers about any damaged or missing items in time, so that they can do something about it.

Speed up unpacking by starting with the necessities

Another good tip that is useful for both packing and unpacking is to pack an essentials bag. Here you should pack everything you and your family members will need for the first few days in your new home. Since you won’t be able to reach all of your items before you unpack everything, make sure to plan ahead. In this bag or box, if you prefer, you should pack the following:

  • at least three changes of clothes for each member of your household
  • toiletries, such as toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
  • medication
  • utensils and plates for three meals for each person
  • your kids’ favorite toys and books
  • snacks or some perishable food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated
  • towels
  • kitchen rags
  • a set of linens for each room

Take this bag with you when you travel to your new home in case you need something right away. If you are moving internationally, you should also pack your documents, such as passports and driving licenses, in this bag.

Don’t unpack multiple rooms at once

When you think of all the boxes you have to unpack and the rooms they go into, it can seem like an impossible task. In order to make it more manageable, you should unpack only one room at a time. If you’ve followed our earlier advice, you’ve already placed all the boxes in their respective rooms. Now it’s time to take everything out. Since you will probably need it the soonest, you should unpack your kitchen first. That way, your family will be able to cook and have meals together, instead of just eating takeout. After the kitchen, unpack your kids’ rooms and your bedroom. Both you and your kids are probably exhausted, so a made bed is highly needed.

A pot, a wooden spoon, and some spices on a table.
Unpack your kitchen on the first day so that you can have proper meals.

Save yourself the headache and hire professionals

If you really want to know how to speed up unpacking, the best solution is to hire professional help. Unpackers with experience will help you do it in no time, and you will have the freedom to focus on more important things, such as enjoying your new home and spending time with your family. Many moving companies offer these services, so you should do some research and find one that best suits your needs.


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